Men Against Fanny Queefs – MAF~Q

ALL corporates are Earning/ Manufacturing / Marketing / Sales with help of guys, then why they are licking at those Fanny Queefs??.. So Guys, let’s show them our unity and give strong objection to support such campaigns. It’s high time now to show ground to this moron business tycoons.

  • Any corporates have highest number of men as employees ( rather than brothels, I am not aware that either any of them in to that business or not?)
  • We men use maximum products or sponsor those products on behalf of our wives or GFs
  • We men work in hazardous environment for them
  • We men Work in odd hours.
  • We men Work for more than our half of life for them
  • We men pay in higher tax slab to governments.
  • We men who never get parental leaves like female use to get maternity leaves
  • We men who suffer from all devils of society like false charges of rape, dowry, molestation etc. even though we became victim many times.
  • We men always get biased judgements from judiciary even though we have maximum number of lawyers and judges as male.
  • We men get comparatively higher punishment for the same kind of crime commuted by women.

So when it time for welfare why always fund / support / advertisement goes in favour of female??

MAPS – Men Against Poontang slits
MAHS – Men Against hirsute Slits
MATS – Men Against thickets Slits , Thickets means –
MATS – Men Against Tuft Slits
MAAM – Men Against Arrogant minges ( I love this maam…don’t know why??)
MAHM – Men Against Hirsute Minges  where minges means –
MAAQ – Men Against Arrogant queefs – Queef means –
MAPQ – Men Against poontangs Queefs – Poontang means –
MAASF – Men Against AIDS spreading fannies – fannies means –
And finally
MAF~Q – Men Against Fanny Queefs – MAF-Q – MAF (hindi of forgiveness) Q (kyon) kare??

If they can start one campaign we men can start thousand campaigns against them. Don’t taste our patience..

This blog is created to show stong objection to and W.A.L.S promoted by Gillette.

Girls, If you give us razor, and say that shave these stubble then only I am gonna to just ive you a kiss you on your face, Then beware we will give it back to you and ask you to save your pubic hairs, else we are not gonna to F$$$ you. which you use to decorate in different shapes like heart, diamond, moon, triangle, square and many times 😛 😀 🙂  😦 😉 smiles also to please / attract men..